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strawberry fields forever

Posted on: Monday, June 30, 2014

strawberry fields forever, by petite tenue

so then when you say
lets get away, off we go
if just for today.

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free people jeans

undressed, issue 2 digital edition

Posted on: Saturday, June 28, 2014

the time between seasons, by rebecca alice

Posted on: Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the time between seasons, by rebecca alice
Rebecca Alice is contributing to the pool of talented Texas artists I am just beginning to discover and I love her dreamy photos. 

petite tenue: tell me a little about yourself!
rebecca: I'm 23 years old. I was born and raised in Marietta, GA and moved to Texas when I was 15. I'm a bit of an introvert but by no means am I shy. I love meeting new people because I find each person so interesting, I like finding out what makes them tick. I am one of seven children, me being the third oldest. There were often times in my life where I've felt invisible, but I like it that way because it leaves more room for me to observe. I enjoy spending my free time wandering outdoors, having my heart broken by films, or brainstorming my next project.

petite tenue: how did you get into photography?
rebecca: Around the time I was 15, I had this huge burst of inspiration and creative energy. I wanted to soak up the world. My mom was in the hospital at the time, I was hopelessly in love (or so I thought), I was discovering tons of new music and meeting new people I needed an outlet for all the twisting emotions I was feeling. Before I wanted to be a photographer, I wanted to make films. Before I wanted to make films, I wanted to make music. Photography was the easiest to get into, though I still to this day draw heavy inspiration from my favorite music and films. I would borrow my mom's point and shoot and document anything and everything. By the time I was 17 I had discovered the online photography community. I would spend hours online just in awe of everyone's talent and ability to capture beauty. On my 18th birthday I was gifted my first DSLR. My entire family had pitched in to buy me one. By the time I graduated high school in 2009 I knew I wanted to be a photographer, but I still had a lot to learn, so I enrolled at The Art Institute of Houston- North. I graduated last Spring and now here I am, poised for my next big adventure.

petite tenue: what do you have in store for the summer and the near future?
rebecca: I am currently working on refurbishing my website and starting a blog to share more of my work. I plan to travel a little more and photograph my experiences. I will also be making Austin, TX my new home! I'm very excited about it all.

petite tenue: if you could photograph anyone, who would you choose?
rebecca: As far as fashion goes, I love photographing people that have an otherworldly look about them. Elle Fanning comes to mind. I would also love to photograph some of my favorite artists and musical acts. There are too many to list here obviously, but there's something special about a photograph of a person who possesses a great talent, you can almost see it in their eyes. It transcends the medium and grabs hold of you.

photos: rebecca alice
instagram: @_ralice
model: bryan hamilton

dinos & drive-ins

Posted on: Sunday, June 15, 2014

and the screen will have
the answer to what ever
happened to fay wray.

mahps vintage romper

undressed: wiissa

Posted on: Wednesday, June 11, 2014

photo by wiissa

Wiissa is a film and photography duo that consists of Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philipe, based in New York and Miami, who also happen to be a couple. I love everything they create and am so happy to share more about them!

photo by wiissa

petite tenue: I love collaborative projects and feel like people are so lucky when they find someone that they can work with as well as you two seem to. What do you think are the contributing factors that allow you to produce such consistently good work together?

wiissa: We definitely are really lucky to have found each other since we work so well together. None of our work would be the same if it were not made together! We’ve been dating for almost 6 years and are always together, so our compatibility has just made it really easy. Wilson’s much better with the technical side of things and working cameras, and I’m more into the styling aspect and directing. We both like to work on the two aspects, but our interest and skills in each aspect of taking photos makes it easy for us to split the work up and do it together.

photo by wiissa

petite tenue: Your photos seem so nostalgic, yet relevant. What are you inspired by most?

wiissa: I feel like we have a pretty wide range of inspiration and it’s always changing! A lot of it comes from advertisements from the 1960’s and 70’s. We’re also both music people so a lot of old music (and some new stuff too) serves as a main source of inspiration.

photo by wiissa

petite tenue: What kind of things will you be working on this summer?

wiissa: We’ve been working on some music videos in New York and are going to LA in a bit to hopefully work on some more commercial stuff! 

photo by wiissa

petite tenue: If you could photograph anyone, who would you choose?

wiissa: Hmm probably Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg back in the late 60’s. Or maybe Jimi Hendrix!! This is a tough one… 

photo by wiissa

photos: wiissa
instagram: @wiissa0

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