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smoke detector

Posted on: Thursday, May 29, 2014

petite tenue on indisposable concept

from a set featured on indisposable concept, the coolest disposable camera project!

alice moment

Posted on: Sunday, May 25, 2014

alice moment, by petite tenue

one more week to get your submissions in for undressed, issue 2!


submit here!

angels & bridges, by blake cyrier

Posted on: Wednesday, May 21, 2014

angels & bridges, by blake cyrier

Blake Cyrier is one of the featured artists in the next issue of undressed. Lucky for us, he shared an extra editorial and answered some questions to hold us over until it is released!

photos: blake cyrier, model: lexi johnson

petite tenue: tell me a little about yourself! how did you get into photography?
blake cyrier: My name is Blake Cyrier. I moved around quite a bit in my youth. When people ask where I’m from I just like to say “America”, because I’ve lived in so many states. I am originally from South Carolina and have lived in Illinois, Texas, North Carolina, and Southern California. My parents would always advise me to buy a journal to start documenting my life. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of writing my whole life story out. It seemed too time consuming to me at the time. So instead, I picked up a camera. I found that it was the best way for me to document and express myself. 

When I was about 17 I did my first “real” model photoshoot with a close buddy of mine. He worked at Abercrombie & Fitch at the time and we were inspired to shoot something similar to their ads. So I grabbed my camera one summer afternoon and we walked out to the pond behind the house to shoot. He ended up getting signed with a modeling agency with the photos we took. This of course, inspired me to further pursue my photography career. 

Apart from the photography world, I love to skate and surf. I love to camp and go on adventures. Road trips are my favorite. 

photos: blake cyrier, model: lexi johnson

petite tenue: what are some of your inspirations?
blake cyrier: I’m inspired by Jason Lee Parry and Basement Fox. I love their sense of adventure and the free spirit feel to their work. I also love that they shoot with film, something I am trying to do more of. 

In addition to photography, I am a cinematographer. I would have to say that I usually base the majority of my inspiration off of watching movies. I like my work—even my photos—to have a nostalgic/cinematic and dreamy feel to it.

 I strive to incorporate my thoughts and emotions into my work. Music plays a big part in my preparing for a shoot. The first thing I do is fire up a playlist and then close my eyes and just let my imagination run wild. I’ll have a note pad close by to jot down any inspiration that comes to mind. 

Nature is something else that inspires me. Being on the road in the back woods, away from the hustle and bustle, frees the mind, allowing it to create without boundaries. 

photos: blake cyrier, model: lexi johnson

petite tenue: what can we expect from you in the near future? 
blake cyrier: Oh wow, I have quite a bit of plans for the near future: 

More film projects! More editorial work! 

You can expect to see my latest editorial “Urban LA” published on at the beginning of June. I am gearing up for two editorials at the end of this month, excited for that. 

I am making plans for my first photo book. I am also planning to shoot with 35mm film and Polaroid more often. 

I am constantly itching to create. Whether it is shooting an editorial or cinematic short films, I always strive to keep my creative juices flowing. 

I am definitely going to be traveling more, so definitely follow my instagram to keep a look out for my new and upcoming work! 

photos: blake cyrier, model: lexi johnson

photos: blake cyrier
model: lexi johnson, cmg models
instagram: @lexikj

xoxo, petite tenue

bubblegum coast

Posted on: Sunday, May 18, 2014

bubblegum coast, by petite tenue

madonna inn, california

madonna inn, california

madonna inn, california

rose colored glasses
and the california sun
sugar on my tongue

vintage scarf
bdg dress
swedish hasbeens shoes (also seen here)

petite tenue | she likes adventures

gold sounds

Posted on: Sunday, May 11, 2014

gold sounds, by petite tenue

joshua tree polaroid

joshua tree, california

joshua tree, california

all the things you see
running among the cholla 
and joshua tree

hat attack porkpie hat
mahps vintage loafers
nasty gal socks
american apparel skirt (also seen here)

petite tenue | she likes adventures

paradise dreaming, by cary fagan

Posted on: Wednesday, May 7, 2014

paradise dreaming, by cary fagan

I met Cary Fagan on day two of my recent southwest road trip when he was photographing a model at Hamilton Pool in Texas. 
He is majorly friendly and talented and here's the proof.

photo: cary fagan, model: natasha cosme

petite tenue: Tell me more about yourself! Are you originally from Texas?
cary fagan: My name is Cary B Fagan Jr. 
I play the saxophone and soccer.
I enjoy writing movie scripts and listening to scores.
I work at American Apparel (currently) and have 4 Yorkies (Dash, Django, Simba, and Nala)
Math is my favorite subject, I love Jazz/Samba music, creating make believe scenarios in my head, and the color yellow (because yellow signifies happiness).
"Her" and "The Grand Budapest Hotel" are my favorite movies so far this year.
Thunder Cat is my favorite artist, specifically "Is it Love?" and "Tenfold". They make me feel cool inside.
Meditation is cool and I watch a lot of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

I was born in Phoenix, AZ and moved to Texas during my second year in elementary school. Haven't been back since, but one day I will make that road trip.

photo: cary fagan, model: natasha cosme

petite tenue: How long have you been taking photos? How did you get into it?
cary: I've been taking photos for about three to four years now. I've been taking it seriously for about a year now, ever since I picked up my first film camera, which was a Pentax Super Program, handed to me by my good friend Justin. I first got into photography through subtle punishment from my father. I had gotten in trouble in middle school one day and that weekend I had to wake up early to spend some time with him at Brazos Bend Park and take photographs. I didn't enjoy the thought of taking pictures of inanimate objects, but my perception changed after taking multiple images of butterflies, trees, and alligators. 
Today, I have to say, nature is a huge influence in my photography. I don't regret getting in trouble at school. Thanks, Dad.

photo: cary fagan, model: natasha cosme

petite tenue: I love that you use film. What is your favorite thing about shooting film?
cary: The ability to create a story for strangers with whom I don't have to speak to. Not that I don't enjoy talking to people or anything, I do, but, with the work that I produce, I'd love to create something for the viewers to wonder or question and create that sense of curiosity. Shooting film is like a math problem, for example, you will need the components A and B to solve C, in this instance natural lighting and the correct settings will create the image I envision before the "Click"!

photo: cary fagan, model: natasha cosme

petite tenue: Any particular photographers you look up to?
cary: Tamara Lichtenstein, Bryant Eslava, Matt Tammaro, Megan Tipps, Dennis Auburn, Tasanuva Awal.
I look up to the photographers, specifically, because they all have their hand at shooting film, they know what it means to create. Their composition is limitless, each photograph they publish tells a story to the viewer. I think my photography started shaping when I studied their work. I like they fact that I can smile when I see their images because I know the hard work they put into their passion.
With that being said, never stop following your dreams. Do not let society tell you "you can't", because you can.
I am happy and love what I do. I hope this message speaks volumes.

photo: cary fagan, model: natasha cosme

petite tenue: What can we expect from you in the near future?
cary: You can expect a brand new layout to my site, along with new images this summer. I am in the midst of something beautiful (hopefully). I also plan on getting my first photo book published this year. I am shooting for American Apparel later this month, very excited for that. More traveling, too!

photos: cary fagan
twitter: @caryfagan
model: natasha cosme
clothing: american apparel

mini mart

Posted on: Sunday, May 4, 2014

mini mart, by petite tenue

marfa polaroid

marfa, tx

boyz 2 men tacos

prada marfa

hitchhiking at prada marfa

90 through texas
and in the blink of an eye
it might be unreal.

look 1- mahps vintage skirt
look 2- american apparel skirt
vintage bralet

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