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undressed: jacqueline foss

Posted on: Monday, November 17, 2014

undressed: jacqueline foss, by petite tenue

Jacqueline Foss is a photographer from Woodbridge, Virginia. (not too far from where I grew up!) I love the color that she captures in her work and was happy to learn about some of her thought process.

undressed: jacqueline foss, by petite tenue

I took an interest in photography when I was 16 years old. I was browsing the internet when some of the photographs that caught my eye lead me back to Flickr. From that point, I saw so many talented artists, and thought, I can do this too. I got my first camera which was a Nikon d3000 and taught myself how to use it. I have grown a lot since then, however, I will never forget my first camera or the community of Flickr which inspired me to create visually pleasing works of art

undressed: jacqueline foss, by petite tenue

To challenge myself, I plan on creating a project that relates to human communication.
I went into Baltimore, MD for Halloween this year and saw all the colorful people outside interacting with each other, getting in fights, and strangers laughing together. That event inspired me to start up a project where I will take photographs at different events/festivals to convey how strangers act in unfamiliar environments. Besides that, I have been interning in D.C which has given me a great opportunity to learn the ropes of studio lighting as opposed to what I primarily use, natural. I am excited to see where that takes me as I gain more experience in the studio!

undressed: jacqueline foss, by petite tenue

If I could photograph anyone, I would choose William Eggleston. He was a pioneer for color photography. I love how color can be conveyed to evoke a certain emotion. In addition, his work is very inspiring as he was just taking photographs of ordinary life that was around him. 


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