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undressed: xanthe hutchinson

Posted on: Monday, November 10, 2014

undressed: xanthe hutchinson for petite tenue

Xanthe Hutchinson is an English photographer who takes insanely beautiful, dreamy portraits. She has been published in quite a few of my favorite fashion magazines, so I was happy to learn more about her!

undressed: xanthe hutchinson for petite tenue

petite tenue: Tell me about yourself!
xanthe: I'm an eternal student! I have a philosophy degree, a photography degree, I studied law for a time and I'm now thinking of doing a Masters!
I'm a massive book worm and I get all my best ideas from cinema and literature. Inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources so I'm already reading books, magazines, blogs, whatever I can get my hands on.

undressed: xanthe hutchinson for petite tenue

petite tenue: How did you get into photography?
xanthe: I did a-level art and really enjoyed using film and experimenting, years later I decided to pick up where I left off; I started with an OCN, then did a B-Tech and finally a degree. 
I loved working in the developing room, total blackness, just feeling your way around everything. Very meditative!
I also love the digital side and the manipulation that photoshop etc now affords. You can almost realise any vision or idea these days with technology!

undressed: xanthe hutchinson for petite tenue

petite tenue: If you could photograph anyone, who would you choose?
xanthe: This is hard, can I only choose one person?
In terms of models I'd love to shoot Ana Ewers; she is like a modern day Bardot, so dreamy. But I would have loved to have shot Marilyn Monroe, that perfect mix of vulnerability and sexuality is fascinating to me. I'm also a teeny bit obsessed with Vivienne Westwood too, she is just too cool.

undressed: xanthe hutchinson for petite tenue

petite tenue: What do you have in store for the rest of the year and the future?
xanthe: I'm going to the BHA's soon as a series of images I shot got through to the finals, which is cool. I'll be working in London a little and then winding down for some family time at Christmas. I have lots of commercial work lined up for 2015 so busy busy!

xoxo, petite tenue


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